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The Ultimate Guide to Morocco Jewish Heritage Sites

Apart from its picturesque landscapes and vibrant markets, Morocco is also home to hundreds of amazing Jewish heritage sites that are either under the protection by the government and the Moroccan king or listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Whether you wish to visit some of the world’s most beautiful synagogues, go for a stroll through the popul...
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Bar Mitzvah in Morocco

Around the age of 12 for girls and 13 for boys, this expression becomes relevant. That is why it is only at this age that Jewish law considers you responsible for your actions.
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Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Built in 1948, the elegant villa that now houses the museum was once a Jewish orphanage, built by Mrs Celia Bengio in memory of her late husband Murdock Bengio.
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Dafina: Moroccan Jewish Shabbat Meal (Recipe)

I was asked to sit at the table to share the mandatory Saturday lunchtime meal with Moroccan Jews, named after the Skhina or Dafina regions. Skhina could be translated very freely as "simmered" and Dafina as "muffled"...
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